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Regional Family Ski Weekend

By: Ben Ford & the Bridgers Family

1. What is your family name and chapter?

We are the Bridgers family from the Queen City Chapter.

2. What did you like most about the trip?

Meeting and socializing with families from other chapters in the region and spending quality time with families within our chapter.

3. How was the ski resort?

The Ski Resort was very nice and the views overlooking the snow were gorgeous.

4. What was it like skiing high speed down a mountain?

My family chose to only snow tube so we did not actually ski. Snow tubing was so much fun, especially when you are first being pushed down the hill.

5. What were some team bonding exercises you did?

We are dinner together each night as a family with other families in our chapter.

6. Would you attend an event like this again?

We would absolutely attend another regional or national event again!

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